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Welcome to Debt-free Money Tree

Aloha! Thank you for joining me on my journey to become debt-free! Let me share a little about my current financial situation. I have a student loan debt of nearly $100,000, which was from getting my MBA and most of the classes needed for a second MBA in secondary education. Unfortunately, I never passed the Praxis II Math to move on to student teaching and receiving that second masters.

Anyway, I also have $150 left on a credit card that several years ago was over &16,000. So paying things off is possible!

Also, I have three credit cards, with about $6,000 to pay off. These are cards I just received in the past six months and I really wish I never got them! Too late now, I just need to pay it off!

In addition, I also have a revolving credit attached to a checking account. This is currently at $5,000 and as soon as I start paying it, it seems to get right back to $5,000.

All on all, I believe it all totals out to about $111,000. By the way, these don’t include all the money I’ve borrowed from my parents! This is about $200,000 by now, at least!

Really, I’m looking at getting out of these financial difficulties I’ve been stressing out over for years and I never seem to get out of until now.

No, I still have the magical $300,000 debt to pay. But, I’ll be writing about the various accomplishments and struggles I go through to get it all taken care of. I do hope you’ll join me!



Daughter, sister, mother, wife. Most of all, follower of Jesus Christ. Avid reader and amateur book review blogger; WAHM-to-be.

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