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Building the dreaded budget

I’ve done a budget before. It’s the sticking to it that’s the hardest! Every month I am writing a new budget even though it’s all the same stuff!

I have already messed up my march budget today when we met at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for church. I managed to cave and buy the 5 year old a snack and a drink, then proceeded to buy myself and the 14 year old drinks, too.

Other than that, we’re okay, I think. It’s a little off budget, but we’ll get back on track soon enough.

I’ll be spending the next few days working on the dreaded budget. We’ll see how we can manage all these financial issues. I will keep you posted on my budget building.

And taken from a fellow finance blogger that just started following this, I really need to work on some SMART goals for this budget!

There are several budget spreadsheets I’ve been made aware of. I will first do my research and find the one that seems to work with our finances the best.

Here’s to doing budget research!



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2 thoughts on “Building the dreaded budget

  1. If at all possible, try to incorporate a category that allows extra expenses… whether you title it “fun money” or “miscellaneous”. We always budget $100 in miscellaneous, because it always seems like something is coming up that we didn’t see coming at the beginning of the month. Best wishes! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your suggestion! I really don’t have much to play with for my budget, but allowing for misc sounds like a great idea!

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