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Nearly a week of no spending

Wow, I bought all those groceries five days ago. And I haven’t needed to go to the store for anything, it’s great! Being fully stocked to feed this family isn’t really much different than stocking the ingredients when I worked in food service. Years ago, I used to be a supervisor in a dining facility at a university. We always had to be sure we had all the ingredients to make the food on the menu. Stocking the pantry for our home is not much different. I suppose I learned something in college!

A bachelors degree to teach me how to be prepared in my own home, sounds like an expensive way of figuring that out. And I graduated with that bachelors degree some 14 years ago, so it’s taken that long to figure out how to utilize that information for home? There’s got to be a better way! Haha.

Well, I am getting a bit low on gas. I last got gas on Friday morning and tomorrow’s Friday, so I suppose I’ve made it a whole week. Usually, I like to put in gas on the weekend so I’m not rushing off to work. But, I suppose I’ll leave extra early tomorrow because I cannot be late to work tomorrow. As the acting manager tomorrow, walking late is frowned upon.

Oh, I did spend money, I paid half my car bill yesterday. And I forgot to tithe last week. And I have to take care of a few other important bills. By the time I get paid again, I’ll be broke again. I’m feeling so defeated.



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