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Filing taxes

Every year, I do my best to file my taxes early. The earlier I file, the earlier I get my refund, right? But, it seems that ever since I got married, I file later and later. Why is that?

For starters, I couldn’t find my husband’s W2. Seriously? If you want me to complete our taxes, isn’t this important information for me to have? Hello?!

Second, I will likely not see any of my refund due to prior issues with filing. So, if I wait until April 15, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Whatever the case, I filed last night. I’m praying that I did it right. After all, I was falling asleep while I was completing it. I was quite satisfied with it. I do believe we make off pretty well, considering. The goal is to not have to pay and the refund not be very large, right?

Yes, I said that. The refund should not be very large. The reasoning behind that is, if the government owes me, I’m not getting any of that interest my money’s been accruing. Yet at the same time, I don’t want to pay any taxes. Getting as close to breaking even is supposed to be the best economically.

And having a refund does not give anyone any entitlements to spend that money! But, this seems the case with many people. The goal of having a refund is to save it. It’s extra. Save it for a rainy day, for emergencies. 

Should I tithe a refund? Absolutely! It’s income that we worked for. 10% should be tithed.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s over. I’ve been dreading doing it. I filed and now it’s in the IRS and state’s hands. Phew!



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