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Perishables hurt the budget

Earlier today I posted about how I hope what we have will last another week. Then, we noticed the brand new loaf of bread, that I knew I should have left in the refrigerator, was molding. Oh, yay. No bread. Great.

Then, I decided to make some tuna salad to replace dressing for my spinach salad during lunch. My son insisted he wanted some tuna salad, but we don’t have bread, so I gave him what’s apparently the last of the saltine crackers. Double yay.

I also used up the bacon during lunch, which leaves us with turkey bacon. And the eggs are nearly gone. So, I guess I will be going to the store this week and buying some ingredients. Not the big shopping like I did last weekend, just for the stuff we absolutely need. 

It’s spring break for the kiddos, so I will be spending some money on Monday to take my son to the zoo. But, this is a cheaper choice than the other options I thought up and way cheaper than what we spent during spring break last year, when I stayed home all week with him and we had an activity every single day!

Needless to say, I’m as close to budget as can be at this point.



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