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Over spent, yet again

We were low on some groceries, like bread, milk, eggs, and cereal. So, we stopped at the store on our way home from church.

Instead of getting ONLY NECESSITIES, I snagged a few items that were in sale and I would have bought next weekend. Is that bad? Well, it is for the budget!

I ended up spending $80. When I only have $40 in cash in my pocket. Oh, smoked bacon! That’s double what I planned to spend! I got some smoked bacon, too, by the way.

I bought a ton of store brand or on sale items, did a ton of comparison shopping with the brands. According to the receipt, I saved $20. So, I really bought $100 worth of stuff! That’s even worse!

Sometimes I feel so defeated. Maybe next weekends major grocery shopping will be lighter since I have some of those ingredients already? One can hope.

Needless to say, the only thing good going on these days? I started an online marketing business and it’s been outstanding! I highly encourage you to check it out, too!

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