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Budget Buster – Mommy-Son Time

Monday, I took off from work so in could spend some time with my 5 year old during his spring break from preschool. Little did I realize prior to arranging this date with my son that it would cost me much more than just the cost of admission to the zoo.

What was I thinking?! First, we dropped off my hubby, it was on the way. Then we got stuck in traffic because there were stalls and an accident. Finally we parked at the zoo, a whole hour before they opened. Some of my son’s friends and mothers joined us, after driving in circles looking for parking. We all brought our own snacks, which is way cheaper than buying there.

After the very long day at the zoo ($12 for us to get in) and $7.35 for parking (7 hours we were there!), then we headed to a local bookstore to pick up books my hubby ordered (for himself and his good friend) and proceeded to get myself and the toddler something, costing us about $65 altogether, including an annual membership at the local bookstore.

Everything I spent on Monday was out of budget. But, it was fantastic quality time with my child that I will treasure forever. Sometimes, it’s worth spending a little more than anticipated in order to get that quality time and adventure.

Next time, next week Wednesday, I plan to take him to the only mall that has a playground in it here on Oahu. They also have a little train that everyone can ride in, for a fee(of course!). This mall also has a farmers market on Wednesday evenings. This should be fun! I’ve invited some of his friends as well.

In the hopefully near future, I’d like us to be able to buy a house of our own so I can invite his friends over for play dates every Saturday! That sounds like so much fun!

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