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Cost of buying a larger quantity, on sale

Went to the pet store to buy dog food. The 4 pound bag of dog food I normally buy is no longer on sale and costs $15.99. Looking down, there’s a larger bag of the same food, 14 pounds. This one is on clearance for $28.98. Hmmm…

The calculator in the head starts ticking. If I bought two 4 pound bags, it would be 8 pounds and nearly $32. This larger bag is 14 pounds, 6 pounds more, and $3 cheaper. Oh, but I could get a third 4 pound bag and be closer to 14 pounds, that would be $48. This is totally a no-brainer. Get the larger bag, right?

But, why is it on clearance? Aw, who cares, just buy the bag that saves money! It’s over my budget for the week, but I’ll make two less trips to the pet store in the future AND saving money.

Does every item have to go through this thought process everywhere I go? I guess I do the brand comparisons, too. But, some items I will buy a certain brand no matter what. Other items I’ll bargain hunt. Then, still, others I’ll have a coupon for and use that.

I do hope all this money savings is worth the time and effort. I’ve never been a bargain hunter or couponer. I’m learning. I even have apps on my phone to help me find coupons. These apps are the likes of, ibotta, Safeway, and Favado. Does anyone know of any other fantabulous apps that will help me with rebates and coupons and saving money? Suggestions welcome!



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