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Potlucks – budget buster or saver?

Last night, we had a leaders meeting for our church. The pastor requested it be a potluck dinner and we’ll meet following everyone having a bite or two. It’s great to have potlucks because it gives us a chance to bring a small dish (there were only about a dozen of us planned to be there) and be able to eat a variety of food.

Needless to say, I made a special trip to the grocery store and bought a small fruit tray and extra grapes, because my son absolutely loves red grapes. If he doesn’t eat anything else, he will eat grapes! This cost me about $18, which is lower than what I expected to spend for the evening. However, at the same time, it was more than if we were to eat dinner at home.

It was the first time we’ve made it to the leaders meeting and we were blessed that it was at a location closer to us, rather than driving all the way to the pastor’s home. There was some traffic, likely due to the big mega conference being held at our convention center. But, the traffic wasn’t so bad that we weren’t moving at all. Thankfully, my husband knows the back roads and we got out of the traffic mess.

Tonight is another potluck. My son’s preschool friend’s mother invited us for a barbecue at their home, not far from where we live. She’s having the kids make their own pizza. Adults may make their own pizza, too, if they wish. And she’s having some barbecue meats cooking on the grill. I’m not really sure what to bring, so we’ll likely run back to the grocery store on our way to their house to grab some pepperoni and mozzarella cheese, my son’s favorites. Upon asking him what he wants on his pizza tonight, he says hot dogs and bacon. Let’s not get into the fact that he’s eaten pizza four days this week already! 

Anyway, I’m thinking about making spaghetti tonight. Or should I make croissant wrapped hot dogs? Both are often winners with kids, right?

By the way, I need to go grocery shopping at some point this weekend. And pay some bills. Yikes! Did I start on that budget yet? Honestly, I haven’t even thought about writing anything down. Living paycheck to paycheck, I have each check mapped out on what I can and cannot buy or spend on. Pay bills, save enough for gas and food, then there’s not much left.



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