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Another potluck – use what you’ve got

Went to another potluck dinner last night, this time at my son’s preschool friend’s house. The mother invited us the other day for a barbecue dinner. It was the first time we’ve been to their house, but it wasn’t difficult to find. She told me barbecue meats and make your own pizza for the kiddos. Sounds great! But, what am I supposed to bring?20140323-054105.jpg

On a budget, I did not want to spend too much since this was out of our norm. I already spent $20 for the potluck the previous night and wasn’t looking forward to a repeat of that. I figured most kids like spaghetti, so I’ll make that. There will be tons of meat, so it’s not really necessary to have meat in the spaghetti sauce. It was really just pasta with marinara sauce. And I brought a small container of Parmesan cheese. We already had these ingredients, so I spent zero for this meal! It really can be done on a budget.

The others brought fantastic foods like veggies on skewers basted with a fantastic balsamic sauce, KFC fried chicken and Zippy’s chili. There was enough food for double the size of the party! I guess potlucks usually work that way. The kids didn’t really eat much dinner as they were snacking on a whole lot of junk food. The homemade pizza was wonderful and everyone was so creative!

Of the adults there, one knows the same person I do, who teaches special education. Then another graduated from high school with my husband. Talk about small world. It’s amazing how I go to random things like this potluck and run into people we know or people who know people we know. It happens quite often here. I guess living on an island it’s bound to happen

There were a handful of kiddos at this potluck dinner, ranging in age from 2-8, mixed in genders. My son had so much fun he cried when I told him it was time to leave. Then insisted he was hungry when we got home. Child was forced to eat leftovers because I was not going to make him a whole meal just because he didn’t want to eat during dinner. The blessings of having a 5 year old.



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