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Budget buster – ant infestation

Ants are a huge problem in our house. They especially love dirty dishes in the sink, the trash can, and any food that happens to have the tiniest opening. I have seen ants of various kinds just in our kitchen alone.

There are at least three species of ants in our kitchen (I guess that means they’re in the whole house). From big carpenter ants with little stingers on their rear to little black ants that seem to love the dogs food and water as well as a super tiny, nearly invisible ant that absolutely love dog treats.

Needless to say, it’s caused a cleaning effect in my brain, where everything needs to be just so. It’s helped to control the ants for the most part. But, the little black ants seem to love hanging out in the kitchen countertop.

In this location, they often find any crumbs left over from someone preparing a snack or meal to sauces that spilled. These ants come in droves and work very hard to get these little treasures back to their nest.

Unfortunately, they also find the just bought, not even opened yet foods and totally infest it so I just totally bought that item for nothing. What a waste!!

Note to self: whenever we buy anything, make sure it’s in a SEALED container that the ants cannot get into!



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