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Quality time – Prince Kuhio Day with my son

Yesterday was Prince Kuhio Day, a Hawaii state holiday celebrating the life of our beloved Prince Kuhio. His chance for succession as a Hawaiian King was crushed when the monarchy was overthrown by the Americans in 1893.

As it was a state holiday, I took the day off to hang out with my son. My mother has issues with this, but I love spending time with my child as often as possible! So I chose to take the day off from work.

Last week, I mentioned to some of AJ’s friends that I’ll be taking him to a local mall, the only one with an indoor playground. Eat lunch there and maybe take the indoor train and later walk around the farmers market.

Not only did they play in the indoor playground, but they all went to the arcade, Fun Factory. I spent $30 there, but there’s still money on the game card, so we can save that for next time. My son found a game, Animal Kaizen, where he got to fight his animal with the computer generated. At the end, win or lose, it gives the user a card. This card can be used for future games. My son is on love with this game now because he can use his cards to develop a bigger, stronger creature and play longer.

We did it all, except went to Glow Putt instead of riding the indoor train. Glow Putt was $5 for my son, not too bad and thankful he’s still at that cut-off age! The others that joined us came miniature golfing, too.

After we all parted our ways, I decided to shop for new footwear for my son, and new shorts as he seems to be outgrowing everything he has. That trip cost nearly $130! I guess these are necessities, so it comes out of his clothing budget. No more clothes buying for a while!

Why does quality time with my son always end up costing so much money? The day cost me about $180! I guess I should make sure these events are budgeted appropriately! Fun times, memorable moments for my son, and great bonding time for him and his friends. Next year they all go their separate ways when they begin kindergarten, so I’m treasuring the friendships we have built throughout the years during his preschool experience!



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