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Just do nothing

Sometimes, it’s great to spend the day without going shopping. I grew up with a mother who shops often. She’ll go shopping so she doesn’t need to sit in her house. Seriously! I feel like I was brought up and groomed to be a shopper when I don’t have the money to go shopping. How is that supposed to work anyway?

Like many days, we do the usual routine of getting up, get ready for the day, drop off the boys at their respective schools, head to work, do whatever our job entail, then head back to pick up the preschooler and go home. The high schooler gets a ride home from school, so usually he’s rushing to act like he’s doing what he’s supposed to, but really didn’t start until he heard us pull into the garage.

Regardless, I refrained from buying that Coca-cola from the vending machine. I used to buy one every day, then switched to canned iced tea. My 2014 resolution was to stop drinking soda. So far, so good. There’s no cravings for the sweet, sugary, caffeinated beverages anymore. In addition, I’ve stopped going to Starbucks so much. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a Starbucks.

It actually is quite liberating to not spend any money. Unfortunately, I need to fill my vehicle with more gas this weekend. I guess the no spending will not last very long…



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