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Rainy day

Today is a rainy day. Flash flood warnings and advisories across the state. It sounds like big drops of rain. The news suggested potential thunderstorms and possible hail today. And what does rain mean for little ones? Nowhere to run!

My child is currently preoccupied with PBS kids shows and games on my iPad. He’s entertaining himself pretty nicely at the moment while I do our laundry at my parents’ house. It’s my budget saver to do laundry at their house rather than going to a laundromat. After all, they live right up our street!

When we get home he and I will likely play a game or read a book. He’s been reading those BOB books at night. I’m trying to help him to read, but I think I get way too frustrated way too quickly. He isn’t retaining the words or sounds from one page to the next. It makes it difficult that he doesn’t even attempt to make the sounds he sees in the letters. This is why I don’t help with kindergarten through 2nd grade English Language Learners anymore. I did not feel this was my age group to be teaching.

I’m finding free activities from watching television, reading, and drawing to be good activities. However, he really enjoys building, so I like to allow him that time to build using his Lego or Duplo. Changing up his activities every 30 minutes or so is good for him. He seems to do a lot of it on his own. And I love that it’s FREE!

Drawing is a free activity on rainy days!

Maybe we’ll do a baking activity later this afternoon to get him doing a new activity. We already have a few desserts that we can make at home. It’ll at least break the monotony of boring rainy day activities!

What do you do on rainy days?



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