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Soccer snack while sick

In i9 sports, parents are to sign up for snack during the weeks of games. Unfortunately, there’s more weeks than children on this team. I signed up for snack this weekend. Then the child for sick and refuses to play.


The trip to the store cost me a little over $12 with some leftover at home due to there only being 7 kids on this team. There’s only 5 playing today. So, I suppose we’ll have more leftover to take home.

There are a couple weeks with no takers for snack yet. I’ll keep an eye on it in case we need to do snack again. I just cannot imagine these kids playing their best and no snack to receive at the end.

Soccer snack isn’t exactly in my budget. I’ve never had to do this one before. How do you add something to your budget that’s already a big mess?

Regardless, at least if doesn’t cost very much for snacks for 7 kiddos!

Now to figure out what’s forum he tomorrow at Encounter Church’s Baptism & Beach Day…

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Fever fun

This morning, I took my terrible cough, stuffy-nosed 5 year old to his doctor. I wanted to be sure he wasn’t any sicker than what I can see. Before the appointment, he had a normal temperature.

After his appointment, we met my mother for lunch them headed home. As soon as we got into our place, my son felt a but warm. Took his temperature and it was 101.2. Yay, another fever.

This seems to be a pretty consistent progress of my son’s symptoms. Coughing, then fever, then hurling, then back to the doctor, who finally gives him antibiotics to get rid of an infection. Thank goodness for double medical insurance. It covers the co-pay at least so I don’t spend any money on his doctor appointment.

After being home for two days with my son, I really don’t feel like going to work tomorrow. But, I’m out of sick and vacation leave. So, I suppose I’ll drag my tired, exhausted self out to work after leaving the sick child with my mother.

It’s such a joy to stay home and take cafe of my son. It gives me tons of me time!


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21-day Financial Fast – done!

I finally finished reading 21-Day Financial Fast, by Michelle Singletary. Her tips in the book are very hands-on and allows for information to sink in from day to day. It has many similar foundations as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which I went though several years ago. What started out to be a 21-day fast turned into that plus Lent and a few more days. I cannot really say I’m off the fast right now, as I am still behaving as if I’m still on it.

Buy what I NEED, not what i WANT. Although, I do seem to give into my toy-crazed 5 year old. I really need to stop doing that because he thinks he can get a toy anytime we walk into Walmart. The last trip he insisted the $3 toy was too expensive, but when we got to the clearance aisles, he ended up choosing a $25 box of Kreo. Seriously, I need to get my brain back on straight because that did not make any sense!

The task now is to track my spending for the next 30 days. This means ALL spending, not just going to the store. Car payments and credit card payments included. Here I thought I was at zero, then I realized I had part of my car note that just went through yesterday. So, already I’m at $285.66. Sheesh! That’s a big difference from $0!

Any suggestions on how you manage your finances?

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Unlimited potential

I’ve been freelance writing for a few years on a site called It’s like an online magazine with writers of all types, who writes about topics of all kinds. I started off with topics more concrete, like local recipes and farmers markets, then picked up local Christianity. But the first two didn’t really interested me and the last one I regret letting go. So I took a break for a couple months, dropping these topics entirely.

The last several months, I’ve been writing with the topic of small business. I really don’t know much about small business, but I’ve been learning so much! There’s a lot to learn about the laws, loans, licenses, marketing, capital, etc. the opportunities are pretty endless.

I’ve heard of writers making up to $3,200 in two days! And here I’m lucky if I’ve made $75 in the last four years! But I haven’t been writing consistently, so that is a good reason I’m not doing as well as I could be. And I’ve noticed the tabloid type articles are the ones that bring in great views.

However, I do not believe in plastering rumors and terrible news about anyone or organization. It is so much better to uplift and edify! I’ve been encouraged to take on a new topic. Something more entertainment related. I haven’t quite figured out a title just yet, but I hope to submit a request by the end of the week.

If you want to write for as well, use this link:

Any ideas on what you would want to read about?

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Pick your battles

It is very important in my life to pick my battles. Whether it’s a battle with myself or with my child, these I struggle with most. Today, I lost.

After the adventurous field trip with my son’s preschool class, I told him I wanted him to take a nap at school then I’ll pick him up afterwards. This would give me time to do my shopping then pick him up afterwards.

Instead, I didn’t make him stay for nap and he came shopping with me. After the child whined about wanting a car, then a guinea pig, then a rat, then another dog, we finally got what I needed. The first stop to the pet store went smoothly with a free zoo and everything. I bought exactly what I needed, except I forgot the $5 discount from rewards.

Next stop, I wanted local honey, on my quest for less allergies, I want my son to have a little local honey daily to attempt to become more immune to our crazy pollens. This was a safe bet of shopping as well.

Then, the risky stop at Walmart. Seriously. When will I ever leave without buying a toy? Granted he found something in their clearance rack, I was not expecting something that cost $25! Yet, I know he’ll play with this one for ages. He loves his Legos!

I told him I was going to need some money out of his piggy bank. He insisted daddy owes him money. I’ll likely snag $20 and deposit in his savings. This way his account doesn’t get fees and it increases his savings account.

Some battles I struggle with. It all depends on how strong I am that day!

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Thank goodness for traffic

On my drive home today, I noticed the arteries of the freeway backed up west bound (here in Hawaii, we call it Ewa bound). It seemed like all the vehicles were at a standstill at the interchange, but as I drove closer to my exit (remember, I’m going opposite traffic here) the vehicles seemed to move more fluidly. The side roads were all backed up, too.

With all this traffic in mind, I began to debate if I wanted to fight it to buy dog food and stop at Walmart for a few items. Technically, I could get most of the stuff tomorrow after the field trip with my son, I thought. After picking up the 5 year old from preschool, we fought a little traffic before heading home. We just had to pass one intersection that was majorly backed up. 

All my intentions were to just go to the stores tomorrow after my son’s field trip, when majority of the consumers are at work or school. That would be perfect! Not long after I arrived home, my husband graciously told me he stopped at Walmart in his area he was working to grab some of the items we needed. I’m so thankful for traffic!

If it wasn’t for the traffic, I would have spent my own money. Due to the traffic, he bought it for me! And it leaves me with fewer items to buy tomorrow! Maybe I can use my $20 rewards certificate for TJ Maxx, too! My pockets are blessed today!

“Submit to God and be at peace with him;
    in this way prosperity will come to you.” – Job 22:21

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Killing time

This morning, Hubby wanted to take his car in for a diagnostic. He’s been fighting with his car for weeks and finally have in to get a diagnostic done. However, this means we all drive out into town to take it in so I can pick him up while his car is worked on at 7:30am.

Our 5 year old has a hair cut appointment with our friend at 10am. What to do for 2 1/2 hours in between so my vehicle doesn’t rack up unnecessary miles and waste the gas going back and forth?

We stopped for breakfast at Koa Pancake. The boys had bacon and eggs with a short stack, Hubby had home fried potatoes and eggs, and I had fried rice with one egg and Portuguese sausage. Needless to say, $35.08 later, we are all stuffed!

With still an hour to go before the hair appointment, what should we do on a cloudy day?!


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Overdraft Fees

I’m obviously not the best budget planner or I wouldn’t be in this financial crisis. Overdraft Fees are what I thought was a thing of my past, then recently got charged these fees twice this week alone.

That’s $60 that should have gone elsewhere. Instead of giving up, I am keeping a better eye on my bank accounts and my budget from now on. Easier said than done, right?

Well, technically, it can be. So I have a plan. Have all my bill payments figured out prior to payday (which is tomorrow) and there will be no deviations. Any time I have the urge to spend any money outside of the budget requires extra time in prayer asking God whether it is something we absolutely NEED.

I’ve learned to put things back before going through checkout at the grocery store. I’ve also learned to buy store brand over name brand items. I try not to go shopping at all to prevent the crazy spending.

Lets get a grip on our bank accounts and stop giving the banks our money in fees. They don’t ask if they can pull fees from your accounts, they just do it!

Here’s to stopping those overdraft fees!

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Living paycheck-to-paycheck

It’s interesting how we allow ourselves to naturally live payday-to-payday, paycheck-to-paycheck. There’s gotta be more to life than this!

With that said, I’ll admit to doing this for many years. I was never really taught how to save or how to budget. I’ve learned that in the last five years or so and now I’m busy playing catch up.

It’s really rough when your expenses far outweigh your income. There’s something just not right with that thought. Then add in gas and food? Hmmm…

Part-time income is an option. Is it worth doing if it means missing out on my son’s growing up? Being that he’s a “mama’s boy”, I don’t believe it’s worth being away more than I already am. I used to work from home at night? Which allowed me to be home with him at least a few hours before he went to bed. It’s been helpful on his attitude and behavior, I think.

So, my options are currently to get a higher salary job, lower my expenses somehow, and getting part-time work from home. Food for thought: I know what I need, but how do I get there?

One option is to monetize a blog and start engaging in other social media to get more viewers. Interesting, and something I can handle. Now, to get that in motion and hope to earn enough that I can not only pay bills but be able to build a savings all while hanging out with my son and teaching him how to budget…

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Full of gas

Sometimes when I eat too much or just the right foods I get full of gas just like when I take my vehicle in for a fill up. Yep, it was fill the gas tank day.

Personally, I prefer to make such trips for the weekend. Being that I’m not the driver on the weekend, it makes it difficult to get the hubby to swing by the gas station for a special trip. So, I’m always leaving ten minutes earlier on Mondays to fill the tank.

Gas prices went up five cents this weekend. I’m not looking forward to what that will look like in my gas tank when that price is reflected at the gas pump. My vehicle seems to handle a fill up once a week; I’m happy with that.

I budget $55 of gas a week. Most often I fill up with less, but occasionally I go up to $60. Today, at $4.03/gallon, I was able to squeeze in $50.23.

It’s a good day!