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What’s for lunch?

Usually, my son has been getting some mini corn dogs and pizza rolls for his lunches. His preschool has a no nuts and no foods with sugar as the top two ingredients. This makes lunch making complicated.

So, today ends the mini corn dogs that we have in stock and the goal is to not go grocery shopping until the weekend. What do I make him for lunch for Thursday and Friday?

Thinking about what we already have there are a few options that he’s had before and may be okay with having. For example, hot dogs is always a winner with him. Or tuna salad sandwiches. Sometimes he’s okay with bacon eggs and a waffle for lunch. I guess I really can stretch two more days!

What do you feed your kiddos for lunch?



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One thought on “What’s for lunch?

  1. Lunches are SOO hard! My son’s preschool is supposed provide lunch as part of the tuition. However, my son can only eat 2-3 meals they serve a week. So, I am always trying to find things that taste good cold. My son’s eating habits are weird, but we usually send him with some variation of beans and rice (he’s vegan and gluten-free and soyfree).

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