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Cash or debit?

Finance subject matter experts suggest using cash to help limit spending. It’s too easy to swipe a debit or credit card. Cash is the way to go.

However, there are times when cash is a downfall. Today, we headed to Walmart to buy some juice for my sons preschool lunches. Immediately after getting out of our vehicle, I’m approached by a young woman carrying a box.

She’s interested in selling cards and bookmarks from her box. When I refused she asked if I would donate.

I asked what this was for and she said it was for the youth at a Unitarian church. It’s not a church I’m all that familiar with and lucky for me, I don’t have cash on me anyway. Although, I’m sure she’s love me to charge something, but I refused. She went on her merry way.

Today, it was a good thing to not have cash!



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