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Financial Fast fiasco

During this Lent season, I’ve been doing a financial fast that was encouraged by a book I started reading before Lent began. It’s a 21-day Financial Fast by Michelle Singletary. This book focused on many areas I’ve learned through the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University that I took a couple years ago, but from a female perspective, which is what I needed!

Last week, I ended up going to the grocery store to grab a few ingredients for dinner. Then the very next day it realized my son needed juice and food for his school lunches. Back to the store I went.

And then on Friday night, i was lazy and didn’t want to cook. We ordered pizza from Papa John’s. Then, I opened an email about my son’s i9 soccer that is scheduled to start April 12. It reads that first practice and meet & greet is the next day. What?! How did I miss this information? Oh, I just deleted a bunch of emails from i9, was it in there? Shucks!

The child didn’t have any soccer shoes, shin guards, nothing! Off to Sports Authority we went yesterday, as soon as the store opened. They have a deal where you can buy a ball, shoes, and shin guards for $30! I’ll take it! The hardest part was finding his shoe size. After digging in the back, I found his size hiding. Thank God they had his size!

We get him to his first practice and meet & greet to find out he has no coach!! What is going on here?! The i9 staff take care of it until a coach steps up. I’m totally flabbergasted that there’s no coach. My son gets home and says, “Mommy, you coach!” Seriously?! I’ll think about it.

Needless to say, I might have gotten paid on Friday, but some items just we’re not in the April budget!! And it’s only April 6!! What a fiasco this week has been!



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