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Mommy broken

Whenever I go grocery shopping for what we “need”, my 5 year old son asks for a toy. I often tell him, “Mommy’s broke, no money for toys.” And he replies, “Mommy broken?” “Yep, Mommy broken.”

Our last grocery trip was really three weeks ago. Amazing! I did, however, stop at the grocery store for a few items here and there, a couple times.

Now that the hubby’s on vacation, I said he can do all the dishes and cooking so I can have a break. He’s not working, why not do all those little things I always do since he’s got so much time on his hands.

Day one of his vacation yesterday went well. He made us peanut butter and jelly for lunch and then mini penne pasta with bacon, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese for dinner. Delicious!

Unfortunately, we’re out of fresh meats, fruits, and veggies. I suppose it’s time to go back to the store. With hubby in charge of meals, I can only hope he’ll prevent going to the store everts single day. How much sense is there in doing that?

Now, I know what we have at home. So if I develop a quick menu for the week, I think we could spend $50 on groceries for the week. At least that’s the goal!



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