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Thank goodness for traffic

On my drive home today, I noticed the arteries of the freeway backed up west bound (here in Hawaii, we call it Ewa bound). It seemed like all the vehicles were at a standstill at the interchange, but as I drove closer to my exit (remember, I’m going opposite traffic here) the vehicles seemed to move more fluidly. The side roads were all backed up, too.

With all this traffic in mind, I began to debate if I wanted to fight it to buy dog food and stop at Walmart for a few items. Technically, I could get most of the stuff tomorrow after the field trip with my son, I thought. After picking up the 5 year old from preschool, we fought a little traffic before heading home. We just had to pass one intersection that was majorly backed up. 

All my intentions were to just go to the stores tomorrow after my son’s field trip, when majority of the consumers are at work or school. That would be perfect! Not long after I arrived home, my husband graciously told me he stopped at Walmart in his area he was working to grab some of the items we needed. I’m so thankful for traffic!

If it wasn’t for the traffic, I would have spent my own money. Due to the traffic, he bought it for me! And it leaves me with fewer items to buy tomorrow! Maybe I can use my $20 rewards certificate for TJ Maxx, too! My pockets are blessed today!

“Submit to God and be at peace with him;
    in this way prosperity will come to you.” – Job 22:21



Daughter, sister, mother, wife. Most of all, follower of Jesus Christ. Avid reader and amateur book review blogger; WAHM-to-be.

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