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Pick your battles

It is very important in my life to pick my battles. Whether it’s a battle with myself or with my child, these I struggle with most. Today, I lost.

After the adventurous field trip with my son’s preschool class, I told him I wanted him to take a nap at school then I’ll pick him up afterwards. This would give me time to do my shopping then pick him up afterwards.

Instead, I didn’t make him stay for nap and he came shopping with me. After the child whined about wanting a car, then a guinea pig, then a rat, then another dog, we finally got what I needed. The first stop to the pet store went smoothly with a free zoo and everything. I bought exactly what I needed, except I forgot the $5 discount from rewards.

Next stop, I wanted local honey, on my quest for less allergies, I want my son to have a little local honey daily to attempt to become more immune to our crazy pollens. This was a safe bet of shopping as well.

Then, the risky stop at Walmart. Seriously. When will I ever leave without buying a toy? Granted he found something in their clearance rack, I was not expecting something that cost $25! Yet, I know he’ll play with this one for ages. He loves his Legos!

I told him I was going to need some money out of his piggy bank. He insisted daddy owes him money. I’ll likely snag $20 and deposit in his savings. This way his account doesn’t get fees and it increases his savings account.

Some battles I struggle with. It all depends on how strong I am that day!



Daughter, sister, mother, wife. Most of all, follower of Jesus Christ. Avid reader and amateur book review blogger; WAHM-to-be.

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