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Unlimited potential

I’ve been freelance writing for a few years on a site called It’s like an online magazine with writers of all types, who writes about topics of all kinds. I started off with topics more concrete, like local recipes and farmers markets, then picked up local Christianity. But the first two didn’t really interested me and the last one I regret letting go. So I took a break for a couple months, dropping these topics entirely.

The last several months, I’ve been writing with the topic of small business. I really don’t know much about small business, but I’ve been learning so much! There’s a lot to learn about the laws, loans, licenses, marketing, capital, etc. the opportunities are pretty endless.

I’ve heard of writers making up to $3,200 in two days! And here I’m lucky if I’ve made $75 in the last four years! But I haven’t been writing consistently, so that is a good reason I’m not doing as well as I could be. And I’ve noticed the tabloid type articles are the ones that bring in great views.

However, I do not believe in plastering rumors and terrible news about anyone or organization. It is so much better to uplift and edify! I’ve been encouraged to take on a new topic. Something more entertainment related. I haven’t quite figured out a title just yet, but I hope to submit a request by the end of the week.

If you want to write for as well, use this link:

Any ideas on what you would want to read about?



Daughter, sister, mother, wife. Most of all, follower of Jesus Christ. Avid reader and amateur book review blogger; WAHM-to-be.

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