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21-day Financial Fast – done!

I finally finished reading 21-Day Financial Fast, by Michelle Singletary. Her tips in the book are very hands-on and allows for information to sink in from day to day. It has many similar foundations as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which I went though several years ago. What started out to be a 21-day fast turned into that plus Lent and a few more days. I cannot really say I’m off the fast right now, as I am still behaving as if I’m still on it.

Buy what I NEED, not what i WANT. Although, I do seem to give into my toy-crazed 5 year old. I really need to stop doing that because he thinks he can get a toy anytime we walk into Walmart. The last trip he insisted the $3 toy was too expensive, but when we got to the clearance aisles, he ended up choosing a $25 box of Kreo. Seriously, I need to get my brain back on straight because that did not make any sense!

The task now is to track my spending for the next 30 days. This means ALL spending, not just going to the store. Car payments and credit card payments included. Here I thought I was at zero, then I realized I had part of my car note that just went through yesterday. So, already I’m at $285.66. Sheesh! That’s a big difference from $0!

Any suggestions on how you manage your finances?



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