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Fever fun

This morning, I took my terrible cough, stuffy-nosed 5 year old to his doctor. I wanted to be sure he wasn’t any sicker than what I can see. Before the appointment, he had a normal temperature.

After his appointment, we met my mother for lunch them headed home. As soon as we got into our place, my son felt a but warm. Took his temperature and it was 101.2. Yay, another fever.

This seems to be a pretty consistent progress of my son’s symptoms. Coughing, then fever, then hurling, then back to the doctor, who finally gives him antibiotics to get rid of an infection. Thank goodness for double medical insurance. It covers the co-pay at least so I don’t spend any money on his doctor appointment.

After being home for two days with my son, I really don’t feel like going to work tomorrow. But, I’m out of sick and vacation leave. So, I suppose I’ll drag my tired, exhausted self out to work after leaving the sick child with my mother.

It’s such a joy to stay home and take cafe of my son. It gives me tons of me time!




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