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Soccer snack while sick

In i9 sports, parents are to sign up for snack during the weeks of games. Unfortunately, there’s more weeks than children on this team. I signed up for snack this weekend. Then the child for sick and refuses to play.


The trip to the store cost me a little over $12 with some leftover at home due to there only being 7 kids on this team. There’s only 5 playing today. So, I suppose we’ll have more leftover to take home.

There are a couple weeks with no takers for snack yet. I’ll keep an eye on it in case we need to do snack again. I just cannot imagine these kids playing their best and no snack to receive at the end.

Soccer snack isn’t exactly in my budget. I’ve never had to do this one before. How do you add something to your budget that’s already a big mess?

Regardless, at least if doesn’t cost very much for snacks for 7 kiddos!

Now to figure out what’s forum he tomorrow at Encounter Church’s Baptism & Beach Day…



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