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Coupons and rebate apps

My coworker is big on couponing. She brings coupons to work to share after she’s grabbed what she uses. I’ve taken a few, and used a couple, but often times I forget the coupons in my desk. This doesn’t help much when I’m at the store and the coupon is at work!

What is the purpose of coupons, anyway? If the manufacturer is offering a discount, why don’t they just lower their prices from the start? I suppose it’s all in the marketing and living in this crazy capitalist society.

I’ve never been big in couponing, but I can see the value in it when it’s done on a regular basis. $0.50 here, a $1 there, it adds up after a year. When I lived in Indiana, we had double or triple coupon days. Although I never took advantage of these, I wish I had! Here in Hawaii, we don’t have such discounts. It’s a bummer!

However, in addition to carrying around these crazy little slips of paper for a discount here and there, I also have added coupon and rebate apps onto my phone. It’s been pretty handy to watch the rebates grow.

I also have a rebate app that if can enter a sweepstakes to get $500 after spending $60 in groceries. Needless to say, I enter it as often as I get to the store. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky!

And every time I get a receipt that asks for me to complete a survey? I totally go online to do it. Many of these offer a chance to win something, another chance for free groceries? I’m on it!

It’s wishful thinking, but maybe someday, I can write about receiving $500 in free groceries…



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