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Freebie fumble

Some fantastic stores give freebies after you buy so many dollars worth of goods. Just this weekend, I received notification that I had a freebie at three places! Wow!

Yesterday, I used one for my favorite morning beverage, chai tea latte. I was in cloud nine while I enjoyed my freebie.

Then today, I had an opportunity to use another freebie at a different store, for the same beverage! But what did I do? I FORGOT to use it! Auwe! Of course, I didn’t realize my error until I was driving away.

Needless to say, the freebie is still waiting for me. This temps me to visit again later this week.

The third freebie I received was for a f feeble pizza. Whoa! I just might use it for pizza Friday! Let’s hope I remember to actually use it…

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Job application denied :(

So, I’ve been applying for jobs because “the best time to find a job is when you have a job.” So I’m always on the lookout, whether it’s for a defense contractor, civilian sector, or government, I’m always looking.

So far, I’ve had nothing but rejections. What so you do when you are trying to get a higher paying job and it gets you nowhere? Keep trying!

There’s one particular job I was interested in. I saw it a couple months ago and never applied for it. This morning I got an email from the company telling me the job is still posted. I think that’s a good sign I should at least apply.

It doesn’t hurt to apply. You will never know the answer until you try. That’s the motto I live by and share with others. If you don’t even try, your answer is a “No.” But if you try, that answer will someday be a “Yes!”

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Taco night

My 5 year old insists it’s HIS night to make dinner. I asked him, “What would you like to make for dinner?” He shrugs. Great, you want to make dinner but don’t know what to make.

Min order to make him feel like he’s contributing to the dinner making process, I suggested several different choices. Tacos was the winner! Therefore, tonight is “Taco Night”.

Unfortunately, we have no shredded cheese, lettuce or salsa. So here goes another trip to the store! Yay! Another chance to spend money I don’t have, great.

Today’s grocery list is VERY specific:
-lettuce (maybe)
-toilet paper
-paper towels
-creamed corn (I feel like making corn chowder!)

I have some coupons and I’ll check out the deals. We may end up at various stores for the deals, I’ll try to go to no more than two places, though!

We’ll see what the damage looks like later. Hoping to spend no more than $40. Can I do it?

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A blessing in disguise

Got an email regarding a credit card bill this morning. Last month I had to pay about $150, mainly because I missed the payment the month before. The new bill says the minimum payment is $55! I think I could totally use the other $95 I planned for this bill to pay another bill.

SNOWBALL!! I like snowballs! It helps to pay off bills quicker!

My current budget goal is to first pay off the lowest credit card, which is nearly $1000. I also hope to have all my credit cards down to zero by the end of 2015. Yikes!

The last time I paid off credit cards, I started new ones. This time, the goal is to avoid going through this all over again! It takes way too long to get out of it!

Anyway, I’m quite relieved to have a lower bill next month for even one credit card. So blessed!

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Oh, screw the budget!

I’ve been trying so hard to stuck to a budget. It’s been practically a year and I still feel like instead if getting somewhere financially, I feel like I’m digging myself a bigger hole!

Screw with this budget! I need to start over. Try again. One of these days, I hope I’ll make progress!

When your expenses are more than your income, you know you’re in for it. Do I earn as much as I’m “worth”? Of course not! Do you?! Likely not, right? Yet you see all these people who are pretty good for nothing and making way more than you do. Isn’t that irritating?!

Well, I’ve applied for jobs which earn more than I do. So far to no avail. I’m just as frustrated today as I was a year ago. Except now I have more bills! If only…

On a good note, I’ve started a new program that can teach me new languages! It’s super fun! I’m starting off with Spanish, the language I took in high school and college. Who wants to practice with me?!

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Paycheck gone!

Today was payday. What can I say? After paying the many bills that I’ve fallen behind on and set aside my tithe, there’s barely anything left. Surprise, surprise. This is the problem every single payday. How will I ever get ahead if I’m constantly catching up?

Well, I’ve started getting into sites that pay for emails and pay for surveys and such. That lasted a whole day before I didn’t want to even LOOK at my computer. I still get the crazy emails and I hope to someday spend more time on it.

Needless to say, after working 8 hours and cooking dinner and giving the toddler a shower, how much energy is left for such tediousness? I really should treat it as a business and set aside times to actually work on these. I will not know the results until I seriously work on these for several months at minimum.

It’s the Friday before Daddy’s Day. I was too lazy to cook, so I splurged and ordered pizza. Sometimes coking is not my idea of starting a relaxing weekend.

Tomorrow we’re fellowshipping at the beach with some friends and I will likely cook a yummy dinner and breakfast for Daddy’s Day. If only everything were cheaper in Hawaii. Couponing is becoming my new friend. I’ve found many great coupon and rebate apps as well as websites to lower the costs of groceries.