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Paycheck gone!

Today was payday. What can I say? After paying the many bills that I’ve fallen behind on and set aside my tithe, there’s barely anything left. Surprise, surprise. This is the problem every single payday. How will I ever get ahead if I’m constantly catching up?

Well, I’ve started getting into sites that pay for emails and pay for surveys and such. That lasted a whole day before I didn’t want to even LOOK at my computer. I still get the crazy emails and I hope to someday spend more time on it.

Needless to say, after working 8 hours and cooking dinner and giving the toddler a shower, how much energy is left for such tediousness? I really should treat it as a business and set aside times to actually work on these. I will not know the results until I seriously work on these for several months at minimum.

It’s the Friday before Daddy’s Day. I was too lazy to cook, so I splurged and ordered pizza. Sometimes coking is not my idea of starting a relaxing weekend.

Tomorrow we’re fellowshipping at the beach with some friends and I will likely cook a yummy dinner and breakfast for Daddy’s Day. If only everything were cheaper in Hawaii. Couponing is becoming my new friend. I’ve found many great coupon and rebate apps as well as websites to lower the costs of groceries.



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