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Oh, screw the budget!

I’ve been trying so hard to stuck to a budget. It’s been practically a year and I still feel like instead if getting somewhere financially, I feel like I’m digging myself a bigger hole!

Screw with this budget! I need to start over. Try again. One of these days, I hope I’ll make progress!

When your expenses are more than your income, you know you’re in for it. Do I earn as much as I’m “worth”? Of course not! Do you?! Likely not, right? Yet you see all these people who are pretty good for nothing and making way more than you do. Isn’t that irritating?!

Well, I’ve applied for jobs which earn more than I do. So far to no avail. I’m just as frustrated today as I was a year ago. Except now I have more bills! If only…

On a good note, I’ve started a new program that can teach me new languages! It’s super fun! I’m starting off with Spanish, the language I took in high school and college. Who wants to practice with me?!



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