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A blessing in disguise

Got an email regarding a credit card bill this morning. Last month I had to pay about $150, mainly because I missed the payment the month before. The new bill says the minimum payment is $55! I think I could totally use the other $95 I planned for this bill to pay another bill.

SNOWBALL!! I like snowballs! It helps to pay off bills quicker!

My current budget goal is to first pay off the lowest credit card, which is nearly $1000. I also hope to have all my credit cards down to zero by the end of 2015. Yikes!

The last time I paid off credit cards, I started new ones. This time, the goal is to avoid going through this all over again! It takes way too long to get out of it!

Anyway, I’m quite relieved to have a lower bill next month for even one credit card. So blessed!



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