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Taco night

My 5 year old insists it’s HIS night to make dinner. I asked him, “What would you like to make for dinner?” He shrugs. Great, you want to make dinner but don’t know what to make.

Min order to make him feel like he’s contributing to the dinner making process, I suggested several different choices. Tacos was the winner! Therefore, tonight is “Taco Night”.

Unfortunately, we have no shredded cheese, lettuce or salsa. So here goes another trip to the store! Yay! Another chance to spend money I don’t have, great.

Today’s grocery list is VERY specific:
-lettuce (maybe)
-toilet paper
-paper towels
-creamed corn (I feel like making corn chowder!)

I have some coupons and I’ll check out the deals. We may end up at various stores for the deals, I’ll try to go to no more than two places, though!

We’ll see what the damage looks like later. Hoping to spend no more than $40. Can I do it?



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