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Hurricane un-preparedness

Hawaii’s Hurricane season began months ago and we should have prepared for such an event back then. It was highly encouraged and reminders went out for weeks.

Then this week, two hurricanes headed our way, Iselle and Julio, about two days apart. The few days before Iselle was to hit land in Hawaii, everyone seemed to do a mad dash for water, batteries, propane, canned foods, anything needed for survival of at minimum seven days.

And what did I do? I sat idle. Not enough money in the bank to buy anything except the necessary kindergarten supplies for kindergarten orientation. The hubby snagged us two cases of water, but our food is limited to whatever we have in the pantry.

Not too bad, I thought, I can run to the store on Friday, I get paid on Friday (the day the hurricane was scheduled to hit our island). Yeah, everything is pretty much closed today. Duh.

I am as unprepared as can be for a serious hurricane. This is my warning that I need to start stocking up for the next potential since hurricane season isn’t over for several more months. Nothing is worth the worry and panic when you an be more prepared!

Let’s see who’s open tomorrow so we can at least get partially stocked for the next one. Oh, and Julio is still out there, but likely turning slowly into a Tropical Storm before it gets near us. This will result in more rain during these normally hot summer months.

How prepared are you for a natural disaster?




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3 thoughts on “Hurricane un-preparedness

    1. Iselle turned into a Tropical Storm and went on it’s merry way after knocking down trees, flooding some areas, and killing the power in a few places. Where I live, it’s all good with the rain and thunderstorms. And yes, don’t forget the pets!

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