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Birthday blunders

No, it’s not my birthday nor anyone else in the family. But, we did go to a five year old’s birthday party today. Don’t get me wrong the party was loads of fun and I had a chance to catch up with some friends.

But, the birthday present is what caused me to go shopping yesterday. The Financial Fast does not allow for gift giving. But, I really wanted to give back to this cutie who worked so hard during soccer season when I was assistant coach.

I bought her two cute toys and a moderately priced LEGO toy for my own five year old. My child insisted on putting together his Legos last night. Then proceeded to being it out during the party and lost a piece.

So, I bent the Financial Fast rules to buy a gift for the birthday girl, gave in to buy a you for my own child, then he lost a piece.

On a good note, I brought home some delicious leftovers and heated it up for dinner! It all pays off in the end, I hope!

Happy birthday, little friend!



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