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Grocery shopping

The inevitable grocery shopping day. It’s necessary at least once a week, but many weeks it’s much more often. Groceries in Hawaii are ridiculous. I likely spend on average of $150-200 a week on groceries. I’m starting to limit the frequency of shopping and I Derrick my best to stick to my list.

However, yesterday, I indulged and chose to shop at Target instead of Safeway. Except there were a few things I could not find, so I need to shop again at another store tomorrow.

There were a bunch of items on clearance, which meant I splurged a bit. I think it’s quite worth it and will save me the cost of buying the item at a later date when it is not on clearance. So, I bargained with myself at the store.

Other than my chai tea latte mix that I drink every morning and the tomatoes and basil to go with my mozzarella cheese, I’m fully stocked for at least a week, hopefully more. So I’ll make a quick stop for these items before work tomorrow and hold it in my work refrigerator. Then possibly get some bread and milk next week and we should be good for a while.

I’m learning to use what we’ve got, so the lunch and dinner menus are limited until my next payday, which isn’t until September 19.

Luckily a few items are on my rebates app on my phone, so I get a few bucks back! And it got me some shopkick points for another app, in my attempt to get a decent gift card for Target on a later date. Maybe I should shoot for $100 gift card, which means I need to use the app more frequently!

This might save some cash for Christmas, I better stop in for shopkick points more often!

How are you budgeting for groceries? Christmas? Leave a comment to share!



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