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Family movie freebie

After months of submitting rebates with my iPhone Ibotta app, I racked up $30 that my husband and I decided we would cash in for Regal Cinema gift cards for a free family movie experience. The other options to cash in we’re PayPal, Starbucks, or iTunes. I could not decide alone, they’re all great options!

Since it’s my husband’s birthday weekend, I asked him which he prefers and he opted to see a movie. So, we got $30 in gift cards for Regal Cinemas and was able to get tickets for 2 adults and 1 child and still have some leftover.

Movies are much costlier these days than when I was young, but any time I can get free admission to a movie, I may as well take advantage of it, right?! Of all the movies to choose from, we decided on Guardians of the Galaxy mainly because it’s Marvel and it’s been out for a while.

The movie was quite entertaining with a lot of adult humor. The 5 year old was not so entertained. All during the previews he said, “Is the movie starting yet?” Then once it started he said, “When are we going home?”

My favorite character of Guardians of the Galaxy was Rocket. He is a clever character, a mechanically inclined Raccoon-looking McGyver. He is also great friends with Groot, who has amazing abilities to grow it’s branches to hurt and help those around him. Place the two together and it’s absolutely hysterical.

Anyway, if like to say the family movie outing was worth it. Although, I could have had more trips to Starbucks or many more hours of iTunes fun with the same amount of money. But, it’s not often we see a movie, so I’d like to hope it was worth it!

What would you do with $30 in rebate money to cash out?



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