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It’s the thought that counts

It’s officially the holiday season; a season for giving and a season for spending. I’ve unofficially decided that the giving which requires monetary giving or spending is limited to my practically nonexistent budget. In other words, gift giving is limited to very low priced items.

I’ve been given great deals for a couple items for some while others I’m still searching for something perfect. My goal was to be done before Thanksgiving; unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So, I’m still searching!

I’m very thankful for awesome small business friends who offer fabulous deals on their products.

Are you breaking the bank for Christmas presents this year? Just remember, it’s the thought that counts, not the dollar value provided at retailers.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! On this Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for those deployed and away from their families. A good friend of mine recently returned from Afghanistan and much has happened in her life and family in the last 6 months. Thank you to all who have and are serving in our nation’s military, this includes family members as well!

In addition, I have noticed a ton of advertisements for pre-Black Friday sales. While some began a week ago, there are retailers having sales today and tomorrow. I even saw a local mall that will be open until midnight tomorrow. Thank you to all who work in retail and spend countless hours dealing with the endless shoppers! I pray you will keep your cool and make time to complete your own shopping as well.

Speaking of tomorrow, it is well known as Black Friday, when retailers no longer operate in debt, rather their sales are historically higher than the rest of the year as consumers begin their holiday shopping. Tomorrow is also my payday. Can there be anything worse than payday falling in Black Friday?

Personally, I’m not a big shopper. I like to walk around and pick out items. Sometimes I’ll carry the items around the store only to put it all back because I really don’t need it. Knowing that I’m getting paid on Black Friday encourages me to stay away from shopping because I am afraid my paycheck will get spent before I pay the necessary bills. And I can’t have that happen!

Now, if you’re a Black Friday shopper, please be safe. Be sure to keep your belongings and items you want to buy close to you as there are some who will snatch it out from under you when you’re not looking. And most of all, be mindful of your budget!

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Vehicle registration

Are you one of those people who budget for everything and include budgeting for vehicle registration? I cannot say that I have ever been that person, but maybe I should become one of those people. I mean, saving a little from each check sounds so much more economical than scrounging at the last minute to pay for that registration.

Here in Hawaii, vehicle registrations have increased in the last year or two and it is quite a big payment, considering. Part of the vehicle registration fee is the weight of your vehicle, so the lighter your vehicle the lower the payment. It is quite interesting that I now drive an SUV and had to pay for my vehicle registration for the first time this year, $382.

We are also required to have a Safety Inspection in the State of Hawaii The facilities that do Safety Inspections are under new regulations now and are required annually except for brand new vehicles, which have two years. I have not had to take my vehicle in for Safety Inspection yet, but in general it should cost about $20.

Had I planned ahead this past year, I would have saved about $33 a month to pay for my vehicle registration and the Safety Inspection. My budgeting is not so great yet, so instead, I used a pay check to cover the vehicle registration and paid all my bills with another pay check.

All in all it works out, but living check to check is not quite working for me as well as I had thought. Let’s try to save $30 a month for next year…