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Crazy Christmas aftermath

Last minute Christmas shopping on Amazon has actually delivered without paying extra and I received it all before Christmas. Amazing! And I vowed to not spend more than $15 per kiddo. What?! That’s unheard of!

I do believe that had I actually planned out the shopping better, I could have managed to gift even adults, like my siblings and parents. But, I don’t often think that far ahead, unfortunately. So instead, they got a hug. Hey, it’s free!

Anyhow, after the last minute rush for buying gifts and paying for another season of soccer for the 5 year old, I was utterly broke. Luckily, I got paid the day after Christmas. Now I don’t feel so spent and can actually breathe. And here’s to not spending all my hard earned money on overdraft fees in 2015. I vowed that for 2014, but I spent a lot on fees this year. Better budgeting is definitely required here.

In the aftermath of the spending, I do need to rethink the spending habits. I’m deciding to check my bank account at lunch every day, to have a better clue of where I am at and what kinds of useless fees I’m paying, or avoiding. And to use cash for buying anything, including groceries. I need a better grip on my budget and I’m hearing raves for the cash spending. I will certainly focus on the not spending, but it will ultimately happen at some point, right?

Paying off the Christmas shopping bills is never a great way to start off the new year!



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