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Budget yourself!

In my last post, I mentioned how I have been saving receipts each month since January. I’ve started to add up the receipts to find out where we spend our money. Keep in mind, the cell phone bills, utilities, car payments, insurance, and after school care is not included in my receipts as those remain pretty constant. 

Wow, we spend approximately $800 a month combined at Walmart, Target, and Safeway. Whoa! What are we buying at these stores?! Mainly food items and occasional clothing (at Walmart and Target). We also get household items like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and school supplies. But $800??

And we’ve been spending about $300 at restaurants. What?! The more popular restaurants we seem to eat at include Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Chili’s, and this cute little restaurant that I really enjoy called Spicy Ahi. Granted one month we had our son’s birthday party at California Pizza Kitchen, which ended up being costly, but not nearly as bad as what we spent at another birthday at ChuckECheese (and I’m not trying to make it seem like it’s okay to spend so much, but we didn’t throw him a party last year, either). So we have all this foods at home, but we spend many meals out eating someone else’s? Hmmm, there’s something wrong with this picture…?
So now that May is right around the corner (tomorrow to be exact), here’s to trying to be on a budget. Let’s cut in HALF the spending at the combined Walmart, Target, and Safeway. Only purchase what we really NEED and do lots of researching for coupons and price matching. That leaves us with $100 a week to these stores.

Also, cut in HALF what we spend at these restaurants. Why do we need to eat out so much? Take home lunch, even peanut butter and jelly will do for me. However our son needs something with a little more substance and not allowed to have peanut anything. Cut the restaurant spending to $25 a week. 

By the way, the ATM withdrawals are usually for things like after school care or medical co-pays. Andasbi usually do not have any cash on me, I’m starting to prefer having at least some cash for the ocassional small purchase I need to make. 

I will check in each week to see how we progress and stick to this budget crazy. There are other areas that I found unnecessary spending, but I really believe starting with these two big whammies will help to focus our spending.

And I just started reading the latest book by Tony Robbins, MONEY: Master the Game. It sounds enticing and I look forward to reading it through. I’ll be posting as I read and what I’m gaining from it as well. 

Happy last day of April and first day of May weekend!!



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