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I took a risk and why you should, too

Wake up, take the child to school, go to work, pick up child from after school care, go home, sleep, every day the same routine. Yet, we spend so much time trying to pay off bills and save money for something big. How is that to happen unless we do something different?

Well, I was looking. I was researching to start my own business. I was willing to work a second job part time to make ends meet. But it all meant spending more money and having less time with my family, the opposite of what I was trying to accomplish to begin with! Oh how I prayed God would drop something in my lap!

One day a few months ago, an opportunity to start my own business literally fell into my lap. Whoa! This is HUGE!! And unlike most home business opportunities, there’s minimal startup cost, no inventory to carry and no quota I have to meet? No way! There’s a historical background that is dependable, too? How does something this good just fall in my lap?!

It’s a risk I was willing to take with my husband on board for this venture. It’s been a few months and we’ve learned and frown every step of the way. I am overjoyed with this business! It’s been exciting and fun, I’ve grown more confident in myself, and reconnected with so many friends since I started!

This very virtual business has had me on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter way more than before, but it’s all been to build a following and to create momentum. It’s all to reconnect with old friends and make new connections! If you can make extra money in your spare time, what’s stopping you?

Interested in what’s got me so excited in just a few months? Reply, share, find me on Facebook, message me on Instagram, or tweet me, I’ll be waiting!! You too, can achieve time freedom, become truly debt-free, and enjoy life without stresses!



Daughter, sister, mother, wife. Most of all, follower of Jesus Christ. Avid reader and amateur book review blogger; WAHM-to-be.

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