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When someone you didn’t expect gives you a Christmas gift…

The neighbors or coworkers give you a little gift this Christmas. You weren’t expecting it. You didn’t even think to get them anything. What do you do?

This is my dilemma every year, I swear. People give little somethings and I have nothing in return. You see, it’s not that I’m not in the spirit. It’s that I don’t think that far ajead a lot of times to consider getting or making things for others until it’s way too late to try. 

It’s not in your budget. It’s not expected. I’m at a loss at what to do now. 

What do you do when someone gives you something when you weren’t expecting anything? Do you rush to the store to get them something in return? Do you just humbly say thank you and accept it? Do you refuse it?

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3 places to job search

Sometimes, making ends meet financially is harder than it looks. Yes, you can budget. Yes, you can sell all that stuff you no longer need. But after that’s all said and done, are your expenses still higher than your income?

I’ve been there! Sometimes I still feel like I am, especially in seasons like this one where we’re so focused on spending time with family and gift giving. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the pressure of just making it until the new year with one pay day left in the year!

Well, if looking for a better paying job or maybe getting a second job is the path you’re on to be more financially stable, where are you looking to achieve this? Where do you start? 

3 places to turn when looking for a job:

LINKEDIN – LinkedIn is a professional platform similar to Facebook where you have the ability to connect with former coworkers, friends, clients, vendors, groups, etc. Each user can upload their resume, not limited to the length like a regular resume (generally 1-2 pages) and if there’s an article about the company or position the user can attach it to the particular job. This is also a platform that allows others to put a good word in for you! There’s job announcements and articles that you can like and share and comment on as well. It’s a great way to get connected in the employment world!

INDEED.COM – is a very popular job search engine that pulls job announcements from all over the internet and places it in one spot. How convenient! When you find an announcement you like, simply click on it and the site will take you to the original post. Double convenient! You can upload your resume in and allow employers to find you just as you search for them. Win-win!

INFORMATION INTERVIEWS – Conduct information interviews. What is that?! Well, it gives you a chance to meet the key players in a company. There’s no pressure on you not them. Do not bring a resume to this information interview! Call or message someone at a particular company you’d like to work in and ask to set up a 20-30 min information interview. The goal of this is to stick to the timeframe you set because you want them to know you think their time is valuable! Meet in a space that’s unbiased yet convenient for both of you. And bring a few questions to ask the person about the company and a particular position. You can ask about their requirements and what they look for in a candidate. You are trying to gather information about the company and position(s). In turn, they may ask about yourself. This may give you an edge to get that upcoming position! 

These three simple ways to find a job, hopefully a better culture, salary, and utilize your education and skills a lot more would be ideal right? Hopefully a place you can utilize that passion, your occupation desires. I hope you find this useful and it helps you to get debt-free down the road, too! 

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Would you buy something if it came with a free gift?

There’s so many ads out there to get your last dollar before Christmas. Everyone wants to make a sale. Sometimes a purchase comes with a discount or a free gift or an entry for a giveaway. Whatever it is, does it help you to make your decision quicker to go either way? 

Currently, there’s a product out there that I’ve been using for a little over two months. It has benefitted me and I’m very impressed with it. If I bought it and received a free gift in addition to it, I would try my best to afford it sooner rather than later and hope I didn’t forget!

What if said item already comes with two freebies for a limited supply holiday bundle and then there’s an additional freebie? Whoa! What a deal! Is it really a value to you? Personally, since I’ve used all of the above? I say, “Yes!” More than worth my hard earned cash!

Now, benefits of each item is amazing and I use it daily! What could this be? Like, comment, and subscribe to this page and I’ll tell you more!

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3 places to get those Christmas gifts!

Halloween snuck up on us. Thanksgiving came and went quickly. Now we’re heading towards Christmas, are you ready with those gifts??

You’ve come to the perfect place. I have THREE options for you: 1) support someone who sells through direct sales or network marketing, 2) order products online by December 12, and 3) craft fairs!!

Support someone

Okay, you may think I’m crazy, but direct sales and network marketing are taking the consumer market into a whole new level of shopping! We’ve gone from mom & pop shops to corporate conglomerates and back down to direct sales where products are delivered to your own home! In our world of convenience, this is PERFECT!! 

Now how does direct sales and network marketing really work? No, it’s not pyramids. Pyramids are illegal in the US, seriously, we aren’t dumb. Direct sales and network marketing, also known as MLM, benefit your relative, friend, neighbor, it’s their livelihood. It’s a business they run themselves to earn money for their family. It’s the opposite of buying from a retailer where the profit goes to someone you don’t know and will likely never meet. Give someone you know some slack, try out whatever they’re selling!

You could also give yourself the gift of your own direct sales or network marketing business! I personally have two that you’re welcome to check out: and

Order online

Now, the second place to get those gifts is online! There are many online stores, even the handy Amazon! I just ordered a bunch of items on Amazon and they are scheduled to deliver the 22nd. So you may want to make sure you order by the 12th to get those needed items before Christmas! 

Gifts can range depending on who you’re buying for. It could be something for a family as one gift or for each child. Either way,amynpeople prefer to give something different or unusual, yet something they will appreciate, right?

I have my own direct sales products that I’ll shamelessly plug here. Currently for the US and Canada only, our products use a multi-med therapy designed by world renown & Stanford trained dermatologists with the #1 anti-aging and #1 acne brand in the US premium market. Comment below if you find yourself or someone you love who may be interested in your skin being smoother, clearer, glowing, and/or younger-looking.

Craft fairs

Here in Hawaii, we always have craft fairs as well, that’s another option to buying something unique! There are so many talented people who create such amazing things!! These fairs give you a chance to buy products from your own community! 

Whatever you decide to purchase for your family and friends, you’re on a deadline! Christmas is 15 days from my writing this post. Get on the ball!!