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And then you got the pink slip….

Everything’s going all fine and dandy. You love your job, your finances are back on track, your family is healthy, and you are loving life. Then your boss calls to speak with you. He says your position is being cut. You have several months in the position and he encourages you to look elsewhere for another position. 

Your brain slams on the brakes! What just happened? How did you not see this coming? What do you do now? Can your current boss really expect you to do your job to your fullest knowing they’re letting you go? 

Well, it suggests in Colossians that we should do everything to please God, not man. So we should do everything to the best of our ability, even when our heart is no longer in it. So, yes, do your job to the fullest of your ability. And keep smiling. Don’t let anyone see your worry or frustration or stress. They have their own burdens they are carrying that you know nothing about. They don’t need to take on yours, too.

One day at a time, that’s all anyone can expect from you. One step at a time. One job application at a time. Now is the time to revamp your resume, take a peek at positions available in your area, consider the options of doing something different, and be open to traveling a little further if you need to. Whatever the case may be, you need to start somewhere.

You can do this. You will get there. God willing, you will find something bigger and better that you never dreamed possible. Keep dreaming. No dream is too big, just focus one breaking that dream down into smaller goals along the way. You can only eat a cake one bite at a time. 

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2017 budget goals

In this new year, there’s new budget goals! I hope to pay off some credit cards, lay off the spending, and build up a savings. I know we’re already a month in, but, what are you still shooting for?

Goals need to be written, something tangible, something specific, something measurable and have a deadline. Break up the huge goals into smaller bite sized ones. I mean, you can’t eat a whole cake in one bites right? Neither can big budget goals be accomplished in one moment, otherwise it wouldn’t be a big goal, right?!

Anyhow, last year I stopped using credit cards. It brought me into crazy debt that I couldn’t pay off. This year the goal is to stay credit card free and to pay off some of those obligations. I also have new obstavles, but I shall not allow it to stop me. How does being laid off from a job spin your world?

I’m on a quest to be more and do more. I want to be a work at home mama, so I can be more available for my family. I want to focus on my growing business and allow that to be my sole income. A few of my friends are succeeding in this without being torn from home or their kiddos, I can do this! Want to know more about how you can do this, too? Reply below or message me on Facebook!

So what’s my budget goals for the year? No credit cards. Pay expenses on time, every month. Build up a savings account, even if it’s only $50 a month (I need to start somewhere!). And become a work at home mama with my growing business, which means earning the same monthly income or more before the end of the year.