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Treasure the moments before they’re gone

Imagine your kitchen has the basics that is necessary to feed you, your dresser has clean clothes, the car has enough gas to get you through the week, the bills are paid for the moment, and you have a job that you can get to. 

But, you’re flat broke until the next payday before the routine starts all over again to get those bills paid and you’re back to this moment again. 

Has that ever happened to you? Sometimes I feel like that’s me, after every payday. 

Why is it so hard to get ahead? It doesn’t help one bit that we live in Hawaii and our cost of living is astronomical, but we still need to really LIVE, right?

There’s the parks that the young ones can run around and play, but that only lasts a few minutes before they require you to join in, too. Reluctantly, I’ll participate a few minutes, but not enjoy it. Why am I not enjoying my time with my son? These moments are fleeting, I need to enjoy it! 

There are many free events of activities we can engage in. But I must get past the idea of how it affects me personally and focus on how I need to be present with my son and treasure those moments. He’s only young once and these are moments I can never get back. 

We may not have a lot of money to buy every toy that my son wants, but we have a few moments to give him. What will he remember when he gets older? What will I remember? Will remember the trips to the store and the toys we bought? Or will we remember that one day we went for a walk and fed the black duck and the white duck?


these ducks are always begging for food when we walk by
There were five ducks the last time we fed them, but we couldn’t find the others. Feeding the ducks is an experience to remember. It doesn’t cost us anything besides some old, stale bread or crackers that we aren’t eating anyway. 

It’s possible to make memories without actually spending any money. There are often fun activities with the simplest of things that will create fantastic memories for families. Reusing containers and fabrics and creating something new is fun, too.

What do you do to create memories for your kiddos?