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Killing time

This morning, Hubby wanted to take his car in for a diagnostic. He’s been fighting with his car for weeks and finally have in to get a diagnostic done. However, this means we all drive out into town to take it in so I can pick him up while his car is worked on at 7:30am.

Our 5 year old has a hair cut appointment with our friend at 10am. What to do for 2 1/2 hours in between so my vehicle doesn’t rack up unnecessary miles and waste the gas going back and forth?

We stopped for breakfast at Koa Pancake. The boys had bacon and eggs with a short stack, Hubby had home fried potatoes and eggs, and I had fried rice with one egg and Portuguese sausage. Needless to say, $35.08 later, we are all stuffed!

With still an hour to go before the hair appointment, what should we do on a cloudy day?!


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Full of gas

Sometimes when I eat too much or just the right foods I get full of gas just like when I take my vehicle in for a fill up. Yep, it was fill the gas tank day.

Personally, I prefer to make such trips for the weekend. Being that I’m not the driver on the weekend, it makes it difficult to get the hubby to swing by the gas station for a special trip. So, I’m always leaving ten minutes earlier on Mondays to fill the tank.

Gas prices went up five cents this weekend. I’m not looking forward to what that will look like in my gas tank when that price is reflected at the gas pump. My vehicle seems to handle a fill up once a week; I’m happy with that.

I budget $55 of gas a week. Most often I fill up with less, but occasionally I go up to $60. Today, at $4.03/gallon, I was able to squeeze in $50.23.

It’s a good day!