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3 places to job search

Sometimes, making ends meet financially is harder than it looks. Yes, you can budget. Yes, you can sell all that stuff you no longer need. But after that’s all said and done, are your expenses still higher than your income?

I’ve been there! Sometimes I still feel like I am, especially in seasons like this one where we’re so focused on spending time with family and gift giving. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the pressure of just making it until the new year with one pay day left in the year!

Well, if looking for a better paying job or maybe getting a second job is the path you’re on to be more financially stable, where are you looking to achieve this? Where do you start? 

3 places to turn when looking for a job:

LINKEDIN – LinkedIn is a professional platform similar to Facebook where you have the ability to connect with former coworkers, friends, clients, vendors, groups, etc. Each user can upload their resume, not limited to the length like a regular resume (generally 1-2 pages) and if there’s an article about the company or position the user can attach it to the particular job. This is also a platform that allows others to put a good word in for you! There’s job announcements and articles that you can like and share and comment on as well. It’s a great way to get connected in the employment world!

INDEED.COM – is a very popular job search engine that pulls job announcements from all over the internet and places it in one spot. How convenient! When you find an announcement you like, simply click on it and the site will take you to the original post. Double convenient! You can upload your resume in and allow employers to find you just as you search for them. Win-win!

INFORMATION INTERVIEWS – Conduct information interviews. What is that?! Well, it gives you a chance to meet the key players in a company. There’s no pressure on you not them. Do not bring a resume to this information interview! Call or message someone at a particular company you’d like to work in and ask to set up a 20-30 min information interview. The goal of this is to stick to the timeframe you set because you want them to know you think their time is valuable! Meet in a space that’s unbiased yet convenient for both of you. And bring a few questions to ask the person about the company and a particular position. You can ask about their requirements and what they look for in a candidate. You are trying to gather information about the company and position(s). In turn, they may ask about yourself. This may give you an edge to get that upcoming position! 

These three simple ways to find a job, hopefully a better culture, salary, and utilize your education and skills a lot more would be ideal right? Hopefully a place you can utilize that passion, your occupation desires. I hope you find this useful and it helps you to get debt-free down the road, too! 

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Some people get paid monthly, some weekly, some twice a month, and then there’s people like us who get paid every other week.

I find it quite frustrating that my monthly take home is less than the rent that is due. Why is it that our cost of living is so high and our salaries so low? Many people out there will say this about anywhere they live.

Let’s break it down for you a little bit more frustrating for me. In my line of employment, the US Army requires us (defense contractors) to have masters degrees. If I were to do this job with a masters in a civilian position, we’re looking at more than twice our salary for the requirement.

So why don’t I get a job elsewhere? Well, for starters, wherever the “elsewhere” is, it means I likely won’t be assisting soldiers. I never joined the military (and if I tried, I likely wouldn’t have gotten past the physical), so in a way, this is my way to “give back”. I enjoy working on post. Maybe someday I can get a government position, but the job openings here are slim.

In the meantime, payday is quite frustrating. I do my best to pay bills and buy what we need, but it’s all generally ruling my life.

Today I paid half my car payment (I pay half every paycheck) and bought uniform shirts for my son for kindergarten. Why are shirts so expensive? How do low income families afford to buy their children uniforms for school?

We also need to figure out how to place money on his meal card. I will be registering him for the A+ program, which means I can drop him off before school and pick him up afterwards while YMCA staff supervise him. This will incur $150 a month that’s out of my usual bills. It’s throwing me for a loop at the moment.

I’m not sure how all of this will work, but I’m sure everything will come together as it always does.

God will provide, He will guide, and He is victorious.

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Job application denied :(

So, I’ve been applying for jobs because “the best time to find a job is when you have a job.” So I’m always on the lookout, whether it’s for a defense contractor, civilian sector, or government, I’m always looking.

So far, I’ve had nothing but rejections. What so you do when you are trying to get a higher paying job and it gets you nowhere? Keep trying!

There’s one particular job I was interested in. I saw it a couple months ago and never applied for it. This morning I got an email from the company telling me the job is still posted. I think that’s a good sign I should at least apply.

It doesn’t hurt to apply. You will never know the answer until you try. That’s the motto I live by and share with others. If you don’t even try, your answer is a “No.” But if you try, that answer will someday be a “Yes!”