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Fever fun

This morning, I took my terrible cough, stuffy-nosed 5 year old to his doctor. I wanted to be sure he wasn’t any sicker than what I can see. Before the appointment, he had a normal temperature.

After his appointment, we met my mother for lunch them headed home. As soon as we got into our place, my son felt a but warm. Took his temperature and it was 101.2. Yay, another fever.

This seems to be a pretty consistent progress of my son’s symptoms. Coughing, then fever, then hurling, then back to the doctor, who finally gives him antibiotics to get rid of an infection. Thank goodness for double medical insurance. It covers the co-pay at least so I don’t spend any money on his doctor appointment.

After being home for two days with my son, I really don’t feel like going to work tomorrow. But, I’m out of sick and vacation leave. So, I suppose I’ll drag my tired, exhausted self out to work after leaving the sick child with my mother.

It’s such a joy to stay home and take cafe of my son. It gives me tons of me time!


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Financial Fast fiasco

During this Lent season, I’ve been doing a financial fast that was encouraged by a book I started reading before Lent began. It’s a 21-day Financial Fast by Michelle Singletary. This book focused on many areas I’ve learned through the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University that I took a couple years ago, but from a female perspective, which is what I needed!

Last week, I ended up going to the grocery store to grab a few ingredients for dinner. Then the very next day it realized my son needed juice and food for his school lunches. Back to the store I went.

And then on Friday night, i was lazy and didn’t want to cook. We ordered pizza from Papa John’s. Then, I opened an email about my son’s i9 soccer that is scheduled to start April 12. It reads that first practice and meet & greet is the next day. What?! How did I miss this information? Oh, I just deleted a bunch of emails from i9, was it in there? Shucks!

The child didn’t have any soccer shoes, shin guards, nothing! Off to Sports Authority we went yesterday, as soon as the store opened. They have a deal where you can buy a ball, shoes, and shin guards for $30! I’ll take it! The hardest part was finding his shoe size. After digging in the back, I found his size hiding. Thank God they had his size!

We get him to his first practice and meet & greet to find out he has no coach!! What is going on here?! The i9 staff take care of it until a coach steps up. I’m totally flabbergasted that there’s no coach. My son gets home and says, “Mommy, you coach!” Seriously?! I’ll think about it.

Needless to say, I might have gotten paid on Friday, but some items just we’re not in the April budget!! And it’s only April 6!! What a fiasco this week has been!

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Quality time – Prince Kuhio Day with my son

Yesterday was Prince Kuhio Day, a Hawaii state holiday celebrating the life of our beloved Prince Kuhio. His chance for succession as a Hawaiian King was crushed when the monarchy was overthrown by the Americans in 1893.

As it was a state holiday, I took the day off to hang out with my son. My mother has issues with this, but I love spending time with my child as often as possible! So I chose to take the day off from work.

Last week, I mentioned to some of AJ’s friends that I’ll be taking him to a local mall, the only one with an indoor playground. Eat lunch there and maybe take the indoor train and later walk around the farmers market.

Not only did they play in the indoor playground, but they all went to the arcade, Fun Factory. I spent $30 there, but there’s still money on the game card, so we can save that for next time. My son found a game, Animal Kaizen, where he got to fight his animal with the computer generated. At the end, win or lose, it gives the user a card. This card can be used for future games. My son is on love with this game now because he can use his cards to develop a bigger, stronger creature and play longer.

We did it all, except went to Glow Putt instead of riding the indoor train. Glow Putt was $5 for my son, not too bad and thankful he’s still at that cut-off age! The others that joined us came miniature golfing, too.

After we all parted our ways, I decided to shop for new footwear for my son, and new shorts as he seems to be outgrowing everything he has. That trip cost nearly $130! I guess these are necessities, so it comes out of his clothing budget. No more clothes buying for a while!

Why does quality time with my son always end up costing so much money? The day cost me about $180! I guess I should make sure these events are budgeted appropriately! Fun times, memorable moments for my son, and great bonding time for him and his friends. Next year they all go their separate ways when they begin kindergarten, so I’m treasuring the friendships we have built throughout the years during his preschool experience!

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Another potluck – use what you’ve got

Went to another potluck dinner last night, this time at my son’s preschool friend’s house. The mother invited us the other day for a barbecue dinner. It was the first time we’ve been to their house, but it wasn’t difficult to find. She told me barbecue meats and make your own pizza for the kiddos. Sounds great! But, what am I supposed to bring?20140323-054105.jpg

On a budget, I did not want to spend too much since this was out of our norm. I already spent $20 for the potluck the previous night and wasn’t looking forward to a repeat of that. I figured most kids like spaghetti, so I’ll make that. There will be tons of meat, so it’s not really necessary to have meat in the spaghetti sauce. It was really just pasta with marinara sauce. And I brought a small container of Parmesan cheese. We already had these ingredients, so I spent zero for this meal! It really can be done on a budget.

The others brought fantastic foods like veggies on skewers basted with a fantastic balsamic sauce, KFC fried chicken and Zippy’s chili. There was enough food for double the size of the party! I guess potlucks usually work that way. The kids didn’t really eat much dinner as they were snacking on a whole lot of junk food. The homemade pizza was wonderful and everyone was so creative!

Of the adults there, one knows the same person I do, who teaches special education. Then another graduated from high school with my husband. Talk about small world. It’s amazing how I go to random things like this potluck and run into people we know or people who know people we know. It happens quite often here. I guess living on an island it’s bound to happen

There were a handful of kiddos at this potluck dinner, ranging in age from 2-8, mixed in genders. My son had so much fun he cried when I told him it was time to leave. Then insisted he was hungry when we got home. Child was forced to eat leftovers because I was not going to make him a whole meal just because he didn’t want to eat during dinner. The blessings of having a 5 year old.

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Family time at a movie

My husband wanted to have family time today. After our usual Saturday morning routines, he took our 5 year old and me to see Lego Movie.

I must be totally out of the loop because one adult ticket is $11 and a child ticket $7.50?! When and why did the movies get so expensive? How do the theaters make any money when prices are so high that people can barely afford to go?

Are there discounts I haven’t seen for theaters? Does Groupon offer discounts for the movie theaters? Does anyone else offer discounts?

How does anyone seriously entertain themselves without spending? Any suggestions welcome!

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Budget Buster – Mommy-Son Time

Monday, I took off from work so in could spend some time with my 5 year old during his spring break from preschool. Little did I realize prior to arranging this date with my son that it would cost me much more than just the cost of admission to the zoo.

What was I thinking?! First, we dropped off my hubby, it was on the way. Then we got stuck in traffic because there were stalls and an accident. Finally we parked at the zoo, a whole hour before they opened. Some of my son’s friends and mothers joined us, after driving in circles looking for parking. We all brought our own snacks, which is way cheaper than buying there.

After the very long day at the zoo ($12 for us to get in) and $7.35 for parking (7 hours we were there!), then we headed to a local bookstore to pick up books my hubby ordered (for himself and his good friend) and proceeded to get myself and the toddler something, costing us about $65 altogether, including an annual membership at the local bookstore.

Everything I spent on Monday was out of budget. But, it was fantastic quality time with my child that I will treasure forever. Sometimes, it’s worth spending a little more than anticipated in order to get that quality time and adventure.

Next time, next week Wednesday, I plan to take him to the only mall that has a playground in it here on Oahu. They also have a little train that everyone can ride in, for a fee(of course!). This mall also has a farmers market on Wednesday evenings. This should be fun! I’ve invited some of his friends as well.

In the hopefully near future, I’d like us to be able to buy a house of our own so I can invite his friends over for play dates every Saturday! That sounds like so much fun!

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