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And then you got the pink slip….

Everything’s going all fine and dandy. You love your job, your finances are back on track, your family is healthy, and you are loving life. Then your boss calls to speak with you. He says your position is being cut. You have several months in the position and he encourages you to look elsewhere for another position. 

Your brain slams on the brakes! What just happened? How did you not see this coming? What do you do now? Can your current boss really expect you to do your job to your fullest knowing they’re letting you go? 

Well, it suggests in Colossians that we should do everything to please God, not man. So we should do everything to the best of our ability, even when our heart is no longer in it. So, yes, do your job to the fullest of your ability. And keep smiling. Don’t let anyone see your worry or frustration or stress. They have their own burdens they are carrying that you know nothing about. They don’t need to take on yours, too.

One day at a time, that’s all anyone can expect from you. One step at a time. One job application at a time. Now is the time to revamp your resume, take a peek at positions available in your area, consider the options of doing something different, and be open to traveling a little further if you need to. Whatever the case may be, you need to start somewhere.

You can do this. You will get there. God willing, you will find something bigger and better that you never dreamed possible. Keep dreaming. No dream is too big, just focus one breaking that dream down into smaller goals along the way. You can only eat a cake one bite at a time. 

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When someone you didn’t expect gives you a Christmas gift…

The neighbors or coworkers give you a little gift this Christmas. You weren’t expecting it. You didn’t even think to get them anything. What do you do?

This is my dilemma every year, I swear. People give little somethings and I have nothing in return. You see, it’s not that I’m not in the spirit. It’s that I don’t think that far ajead a lot of times to consider getting or making things for others until it’s way too late to try. 

It’s not in your budget. It’s not expected. I’m at a loss at what to do now. 

What do you do when someone gives you something when you weren’t expecting anything? Do you rush to the store to get them something in return? Do you just humbly say thank you and accept it? Do you refuse it?

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Check the dates before buying!!

Just a little heads up!

When buying groceries, check the expiration dates on each product! I’ve had this happen more than once, yet I seem to forget to check dates quite often!

Yep, bought this sliced ham on Nov 12, but it expired the previous day! Aaahhhh!! I tossed the receipt so I guess this is a lesson to be learned!

Do you ever do this??

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I took a risk and why you should, too

Wake up, take the child to school, go to work, pick up child from after school care, go home, sleep, every day the same routine. Yet, we spend so much time trying to pay off bills and save money for something big. How is that to happen unless we do something different?

Well, I was looking. I was researching to start my own business. I was willing to work a second job part time to make ends meet. But it all meant spending more money and having less time with my family, the opposite of what I was trying to accomplish to begin with! Oh how I prayed God would drop something in my lap!

One day a few months ago, an opportunity to start my own business literally fell into my lap. Whoa! This is HUGE!! And unlike most home business opportunities, there’s minimal startup cost, no inventory to carry and no quota I have to meet? No way! There’s a historical background that is dependable, too? How does something this good just fall in my lap?!

It’s a risk I was willing to take with my husband on board for this venture. It’s been a few months and we’ve learned and frown every step of the way. I am overjoyed with this business! It’s been exciting and fun, I’ve grown more confident in myself, and reconnected with so many friends since I started!

This very virtual business has had me on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter way more than before, but it’s all been to build a following and to create momentum. It’s all to reconnect with old friends and make new connections! If you can make extra money in your spare time, what’s stopping you?

Interested in what’s got me so excited in just a few months? Reply, share, find me on Facebook, message me on Instagram, or tweet me, I’ll be waiting!! You too, can achieve time freedom, become truly debt-free, and enjoy life without stresses!

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Jumpstart with enough nutrients to start the day!

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast, right? It’s the meal you eat to start your day. You’ve just spent hours resting and your body has been working so very hard to digest all you are the previous night and now it’s time to start the day. 

Usually for me, I go with no food until about 10am. I’ve never really been a breakfast eater. I can last a few hours before going stir crazy. 

For several months, I’ve been filling my empty tummy with a venting chai tea latte from Starbucks. Needless to say, it’s not the healthiest breakfast and it’s over $5 a crack! What?! 

Startling, right?! Well, I’ve been convinced to try out BeachBody’s Shakeology. I tested couple samples from a friend. I prefer the strawberry flavor and when mixed with a cup of cashew milk, it’s absolutely creamy yumminess!

Unfortunately, I ran out of cashew milk an my hubby had almond milk. This is good, too, but not nearly as good as the cashew milk. So, at least now I know what to buy!

The strawberry Shakeology that I’ve been drinking for my breakfast is much healthier than my other options. And it’s about a buck a day cheaper than the daily Starbucks. 

After doing some research, some say it’s expensive for a 30-day supply, but I’m actually preferring it over the empty stomach or the Starbucks. I feel like I’m eating better, it lasts me until lunchtime, and I’m getting much needed nutrients from the start and not starving my body of much needed food!

What do you eat for breakfast and how is it jump starting your day??

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Crazy Christmas aftermath

Last minute Christmas shopping on Amazon has actually delivered without paying extra and I received it all before Christmas. Amazing! And I vowed to not spend more than $15 per kiddo. What?! That’s unheard of!

I do believe that had I actually planned out the shopping better, I could have managed to gift even adults, like my siblings and parents. But, I don’t often think that far ahead, unfortunately. So instead, they got a hug. Hey, it’s free!

Anyhow, after the last minute rush for buying gifts and paying for another season of soccer for the 5 year old, I was utterly broke. Luckily, I got paid the day after Christmas. Now I don’t feel so spent and can actually breathe. And here’s to not spending all my hard earned money on overdraft fees in 2015. I vowed that for 2014, but I spent a lot on fees this year. Better budgeting is definitely required here.

In the aftermath of the spending, I do need to rethink the spending habits. I’m deciding to check my bank account at lunch every day, to have a better clue of where I am at and what kinds of useless fees I’m paying, or avoiding. And to use cash for buying anything, including groceries. I need a better grip on my budget and I’m hearing raves for the cash spending. I will certainly focus on the not spending, but it will ultimately happen at some point, right?

Paying off the Christmas shopping bills is never a great way to start off the new year!

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Outback gift card

We decided to go to Outback Steakhouse with my parents for lunch. The sign outside says buy a $100 gift card and get a $20 gift card bonus.

So we eat our lunch and the bill comes out to $112. Would it be wrong to buy a $100 gift card and get the $20 gift card bonus and use that for lunch?

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I’m seeing RED…

The beautiful roses that grow outside our front door, the color of the lights of the vehicles I’m following, sometimes in the sunset when I get a glimpse, and definitely, the color of the current state of my bank account. I try so hard to avoid this situation, but it appears as if I still don’t have a handle on this budget and I’m once again going to be looking at overdraft fees. I’m seeing RED!!


I’ve noticed that my expenses is $200 more a month than my income. There’s my first problem! Then there’s the crazy credit cards that I should have totally avoided, but didn’t and now I’m back to square one. Once these credit cards are paid for, that’s the end of the credit card dilemma! I refuse to get any more credit cards! It’s driving me insane to be paying these crazy interest rates. It’s bad enough I’m starting to pay off my school loans! How will I ever see my debt disappear if I keep spending needlessly?

Yesterday, I fully intended to go grocery shopping and spend no more than $70. Without a list or any idea of what I wanted, I ended up walking out with a $163 bill. Yes, I had coupons and discounts, but it was only 14% of the total bill. This is WAY over what I intended and this is not to happen again, either. I seem to waste the most money when I go grocery shopping. Going in without a list, just knowing that we need food, is just not cutting it! A menu and exact list of what we need and do the research to place coupons onto my store card or print the coupons is totally necessary. No more shopping BLIND.

Maybe I should go in with the CASH and that’s all I can spend. This might curb the unnecessary extra spending at the grocery store. I also need to find cheap ingredient recipes. 

I’ll be working on a new budget for this next payday I have this Friday. My paydays are every other Friday, so I’m attempting to split all my bills in two. This way I pay half of each bill on every payday. Occasionally, there’s three paydays in one month and that month, I’ll get ahead. Hoping this will curb the craziness in my bank account!

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21-day Financial Fast – done!

I finally finished reading 21-Day Financial Fast, by Michelle Singletary. Her tips in the book are very hands-on and allows for information to sink in from day to day. It has many similar foundations as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which I went though several years ago. What started out to be a 21-day fast turned into that plus Lent and a few more days. I cannot really say I’m off the fast right now, as I am still behaving as if I’m still on it.

Buy what I NEED, not what i WANT. Although, I do seem to give into my toy-crazed 5 year old. I really need to stop doing that because he thinks he can get a toy anytime we walk into Walmart. The last trip he insisted the $3 toy was too expensive, but when we got to the clearance aisles, he ended up choosing a $25 box of Kreo. Seriously, I need to get my brain back on straight because that did not make any sense!

The task now is to track my spending for the next 30 days. This means ALL spending, not just going to the store. Car payments and credit card payments included. Here I thought I was at zero, then I realized I had part of my car note that just went through yesterday. So, already I’m at $285.66. Sheesh! That’s a big difference from $0!

Any suggestions on how you manage your finances?

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Thank goodness for traffic

On my drive home today, I noticed the arteries of the freeway backed up west bound (here in Hawaii, we call it Ewa bound). It seemed like all the vehicles were at a standstill at the interchange, but as I drove closer to my exit (remember, I’m going opposite traffic here) the vehicles seemed to move more fluidly. The side roads were all backed up, too.

With all this traffic in mind, I began to debate if I wanted to fight it to buy dog food and stop at Walmart for a few items. Technically, I could get most of the stuff tomorrow after the field trip with my son, I thought. After picking up the 5 year old from preschool, we fought a little traffic before heading home. We just had to pass one intersection that was majorly backed up. 

All my intentions were to just go to the stores tomorrow after my son’s field trip, when majority of the consumers are at work or school. That would be perfect! Not long after I arrived home, my husband graciously told me he stopped at Walmart in his area he was working to grab some of the items we needed. I’m so thankful for traffic!

If it wasn’t for the traffic, I would have spent my own money. Due to the traffic, he bought it for me! And it leaves me with fewer items to buy tomorrow! Maybe I can use my $20 rewards certificate for TJ Maxx, too! My pockets are blessed today!

“Submit to God and be at peace with him;
    in this way prosperity will come to you.” – Job 22:21