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Vehicle registration

Are you one of those people who budget for everything and include budgeting for vehicle registration? I cannot say that I have ever been that person, but maybe I should become one of those people. I mean, saving a little from each check sounds so much more economical than scrounging at the last minute to pay for that registration.

Here in Hawaii, vehicle registrations have increased in the last year or two and it is quite a big payment, considering. Part of the vehicle registration fee is the weight of your vehicle, so the lighter your vehicle the lower the payment. It is quite interesting that I now drive an SUV and had to pay for my vehicle registration for the first time this year, $382.

We are also required to have a Safety Inspection in the State of Hawaii The facilities that do Safety Inspections are under new regulations now and are required annually except for brand new vehicles, which have two years. I have not had to take my vehicle in for Safety Inspection yet, but in general it should cost about $20.

Had I planned ahead this past year, I would have saved about $33 a month to pay for my vehicle registration and the Safety Inspection. My budgeting is not so great yet, so instead, I used a pay check to cover the vehicle registration and paid all my bills with another pay check.

All in all it works out, but living check to check is not quite working for me as well as I had thought. Let’s try to save $30 a month for next year…