New vision for this site


After many months of ignoring this blog and many failures in managing my money, I have been enlightened. A coworker and I were talking one day and she kept going back to this website since we discussed it over a year ago. When I told her that I wasn’t posting anymore she was very disappointed. She reminded me that people don’t really want to only see people when they’re already successful, but as they go through the trials and pains along the way to getting to their goals.

This is why I started this website, Debt-free Money Tree. The whole purpose of creating this website was to journal my challenges and tips and tricks I learn along the way to better manage my money. I lost sight of that along the way and gave up the fight.

I’m back and hopefully I can be an encouragement to you along the way. There are many who are financially stable, I am not one of those people. I have endless bills to pay and a growing pile of debt to go along with it. I never really learned how to COUPON, but I’m learning how to take advantage of that. It’s been countless FEES I have paid to banks and credit card companies that is a constant reminder of how I messed up.

My coworker and I talked about how people put up defenses when it comes to money. In general, people just don’t talk about it. Why is that? We can’t take it with us when we die, so what’s really the big deal? If we don’t talk about it, then how can we get help? How do we get answers to how to get out of this crazy debt we’re in?

Let’s start talking about our money! We can talk about the latest apps for rebates and if its really useful. We can discuss the continuously rising credit card APR that I keep seeing. We can get tips and tricks on getting FREE stuff just by doing something simple, like free $50 when opening a Discover bank account with $25. Stop hiding behind your debt and let’s bring it out in the open so others can learn from your mistakes and be accountable for each other in our messes.

Hebrews 13:5b says “God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” He will not leave us even when we are failing in our own minds regarding our money. Why should we give up on ourselves? Stay strong! Let’s do this together!

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